Show me the MONEY

I will never understand why people don’t understand the power behind Network Marketing and how it can generate thousands of dollars a month.

People will go out and spend money on Lottery Tickets and sit back and dream.

Honestly folks. So many people are brainwashed to believe that they have no choice. You do have a choice. You either choose to live worrying about money or you choose to live making a decision to make money. Network marketing is nothing more than bringing a product to a customer and bringing a few people on board with  you who will bring a product to a customer. Sounds like a regular business right?

You know what the difference is? When you go to a store to buy a product the top people of the chain make the big bucks. When you own your own business you now create residual income and it’s the only way to true wealth. Unless you hit the lottery. If you don’t know what residual income is I highly suggest you check out Robert Kiyosaki and find out what your missing.

Want to make $$$. Then ask yourself this question. How many people do you know who want more money? Pay Less in Taxes, and want more free time?  Everyone right!!!!  What if you knew 2 people who knew 2 people and so on and so on, who wanted to make money. What would happen if you took a leap of faith to take control of your life and your income? What might happen is you might just break the chains that hold you down and you and your friends might be set free. Sounds simple right?  The problem with simple is most people today seem they have to struggle. But some people have found a way to have their money make money for them. You have a choice. Invest in the company  your working for, or invest in yourself. Isn’t it time?

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MKMMA WK 16 What are we addicted to?

Here I am in week 16 and I find that I can’t escape myself. When I told Mark this he said I should congratulate myself because it means the course is working. When Mark speaks, I listen.

I was telling Mark that every-time I turn around, there I am!  I was also telling him that I feel like 2 different people right now. The old me, who can’t figure out why I don’t do the things I need to do to get what I want to get, and the new me. The new me talks to myself all day. It must be the peptides in my head. They’re alive and yelling at me that I know, what I know, what I know. What I know is that I am capable of doing anything I want to do, and I know that I already have inside of me what it takes to become a winner. God doesn’t make junk!

Mark brought up the story about the monkeys in Africa.  You want to catch a monkey? Just put out a glass bottle with a banana in it and the monkey will put his hand inside to grab the banana, there-by creating a fist which prevents him from taking his hand out of the bottle. He just won’t let go of the banana to save his life. I KNOW I’M SMARTER THAN A MONKEY!!  So what am I holding on to? Great question right?   This looks like a home-work assignment for me for the weekend. I love brain storming like this because once you figure it out, your excuses go out the window and you not only feel like a monkey, but a jack-ass for not doing what you need to do in life to create the life you want.

It’s funny how this training is on my mind 24/7 and definitely represented in my conversations with others.  My cousin flew in from Washington this week. We met for dinner last night. She was talking about her ranch, her 19 horses, her 9 dogs, the hundreds of cattle they have and her job that she works from home approx: 12 hours a day.  We talked about life and out of her mouth she said she realized how fast time goes by and she wants to “Live before she dies” Now this is a girl who has been to Africa, been the cook on a fishing vessel that went to Alaska for weeks at a time. She’s a lawyer and has done incredible things. It was really funny to see that when you talk the truth about life, the truth comes out of people. I never would have believed that she wanted something else in life. So I looked at her and asked, ” So, what are you addicted to that keeps you where you are in life?”  She looked like she was hit by a bolt of lighting. She sat back and said that’s the best question anyone has ever asked her.  We proceeded to talk for another 2 hours and she finally realized that you have to realize what’s keeping you where you are and she knows she has to give some things up to get to where her dream life is.

I love week 16 because it talks about how if we are in our 50’s we are in a cycle of reconstructing, re-thinking our lives. That’s exactly where I am now. Thank God for the MKMMA course because I think I would be walking around like most people my age wondering why they aren’t living the life they want.  Most people my age start thinking about what they really want in life and think about how they want to live. The BIG question is, WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO ABOUT IT AND WHEN?
My wish for everyone I love is this. I hope that they learn the skills they need to create the life they want asap.  Life is short, it’s time to create our heaven on earth now.

We all know that it takes $$ to live. But money in itself is nothing. It’s what we can exchange it for that makes a difference. This is its real worth.  Most people in their 50’s will tell you that working their entire life has not made them rich enough to retire at 50. They spent most of their lives just creating enough $$ to stay ahead of the game. What price did they pay for this? Their lives flew by.  This course is changing lives. We will teach people the skills to get ahead in life. It’s a process. No self-help book or on-line marketing guru can teach you what this course can teach you.

Follow my blogs and you will learn more about our course that will be offered to those of you who want to make a difference in your lives. Financially, spiritual, and emotionally. It’s priceless

Peace, Nancy DelRossi


Week 15 of the Master Key Master Mind course has been my favorite. At my age I realize that words can change the course of your day. Wake up and say it’s a lousy day and guess what? Your probably going to have a lousy day. I’ve always been careful to watch what I say because you can never take back words that have been spoken.

We need to protect ourselves from negative thoughts that enter our head. The MKMMA workshop has me more alert to what I think and how I react.

A great example of this is the way we talk to kids when they are little. Tell a kid that they are stupid, lazy or bad and guess what? They start believing your words. Tell a kid that they can achieve anything they want in life, that they are loving, and important, then they will start living with a feeling of being loving, important and capable of doing anything.

That we reap what we sow is mathematically exact. We gain permanent strength exactly to the extent of the effort required to overcome difficulties.
If your living in a state of “lack of” and only think about how much you lack, then you’ll just attract more of the same. If your living in a state of “lack of” and start creating thoughts of abundance and start speaking in terms of success, happiness and prosperity then your thoughts will lead to action to obtain the things you desire.

It is evident, therefore, that if we wish desirable conditions, we can afford to entertain only desirable thoughts.

The mental diet also must come into play. Have a negative thought? Then readjust your thinking and stop it.

We all have the power to create the life we want. Control your thoughts and your words and take action.

There can be no question but that he who “is wise enough to understand” will readily recognize that the creative power of thought places an invincible weapon in his hands and makes him a master of destiny.

You have the power to control your own destiny 🙂

MKMMA The 7 Laws of the Mind

Learning these 7 Laws has changed who I am. They are so embedded in my thoughts that not a day goes by that I do not call them to action.

1) Law of Substitution:
We can not think about 2 things at the same time. If a negative thought enters your mind you have to realize that negative thoughts will just bring you negative conditions. It works, when things are hectic I take a breath, re-adjust my thinking and realize the more positive I am, then the more positive the people around me are.

2) Law of Relaxation:
This had made a big difference in my life. Meditate when stressed. Dig deep into your inner soul to find what makes you happy and go do it. Stress leads to sickness, anger and sadness. I’ve even made sure to be true to myself this year and always.

3)Law of Practice:
Practice makes perfect! The 5 P’s Perfect Practice Prevents Poor Performance. Think about the things you never thought you were capable of doing in life, but if you continue doing them you succeed.
I look back on my life on things I’ve done and some of them still amaze me that I accomplished them. But, because my desire was so intense I never gave up perfecting what needed to be accomplished. This law has taught me that anything is possible if you keep practicing. No one is perfect the first time around. As Wooden shares, “you’ll find most of success is practice, the rest of it is work”

4)Law of Forgiveness:
Well I must admit that at times I have found this one hard to deal with. But what I have discovered is that if you do not forgive someone for something or hold bad feelings towards someone than what your actually doing is filling your head with a bunch of negative stuff that prevents you from spending more time on the things that please you. So do I forgive some things? Well, lets just say I put it out of my head and don’t make it an issue. I have better things to think about than being mad.

5) Law of dual Thought:
We can attach any feeling to a thought we want. Thought is a combination of ideation and feeling. Ideation is the creative process of generating, developing, and communicating new ideas, where an idea is understood as a basic element of thought that can be either visual, concrete, or abstract. The idea of living on the beach may only be visual right now, but WOW, the feeling it gives me is incredible.

6) Law of Subconscious:
As soon as the subconscious accepts the idea it becomes a demand and it works 24/7, to manifest demand-accessing a reservoir of infinite resources. The subconscious mind doesn’t know the difference between truth and a lie. So, if your living in debt and despair then try thinking in abundance and hope. You won’t believe how your attitude will change!

7) Law of Growth:
What ever we think about grows. What we forget atrophies.
The more you think about health, the more healthy decisions you’ll make. The more you think about what makes you happy, the more you’ll find things that make you happy. When we forget what and who we believed we were when we believed anything in life was possible we soon find that our hopes and dreams die.


Press release MKMMA

Boston Globe
October 30, 2013
reporter: Harry Smith

HEADLINE: Small Town Girl changing lives one person at a time.

Harry Smith: I was asked to interview a women from Stoneham Massachusetts named Nancy DelRossi because she has been creating an uproar in the school systems all across the country.
Ms. DelRossi said she welcomed the interview but only agreed to it if we were to meet at the beach. When asked why, her reply was because the ocean represents freedom to her.

Harry: Nancy, what is it that you have done to create such a buzz in the school systems curriculum all across the country?

Nancy: It all started 3 years ago when I was introduced to a course called the Master Key Master Mind Alliance by Mark Januszewski and Davene Grant from Kekaha, HI. It absolutely changed my life. I learned that everyone has the power to create the lives they want. This isn’t hype, but actual scientific fact. After becoming a master of the MKMMA I knew I had the power to help others. I knew that one of the biggest things that was lacking in our school systems all across this country was that young adults were not being taught the power they posses in their own minds to create the lives they truly desire.

Harry:Why did this bother you so much?

Nancy: The problems I saw in most adults were that most of them were living lives of quiet desperation and I believe that it was because they never learned the skills to create the lives they truly wanted. The saddest thing in life is when a person dies with their dreams.

Harry: Why did you decide to bring this program into the school system and not just run a class on it yourself?

Nancy: To me, this MKMMA program is as important if not more important in a person’s life than learning our ABC’S or math.
Students learn subjects in school which are soon forgotten in the real world. They read a book, memorize it for the purpose of passing a test, then it’s soon forgotten if not used everyday. The MKMMA program is a daily ritual. It’s something once you learn you implement every day of your life. I also am able to teach this program to adults with my MKMMA course on line.

Harry: Are you saying you saw a major flaw in our school system?

Nancy: YES, We have children going off to preschool at age 4. If they go to college they are getting out at approximately age 22. They spend 18 years of their lives never being taught the power they already posses in their minds. Most of them don’t even know who they truly are deep down inside. They learn how to pick a career so they can provide a living. BUT, they are never taught that they can dream and create their own heaven on earth. The school system judges a child by grades. A your smart. D your failing… Grades have nothing to do with the inner soul. Like they say, the mind is a terrible thing to waste. I believed that a lot of minds were wasted because the system that was in place did not teach that your mind is your most valuable resource for achieving what you want in your life. Somebody had to speak up, in my case, I didn’t just speak up, I ROARED to every school board and state house that would listen to me. I believed that if someone wouldn’t open the doors up to me then I’d just have to find a way to kick them down.
Harry: So what your saying is that you kicked down a few doors?
Nancy: Yes, Many
Harry: And they listened?
Nancy: Yes
Harry: How has this changed students who have enrolled in this course?
Nancy: They have found themselves waking up with a sense of purpose and hope. They no longer feel like they have to accept what the outside world hands them. They believe they have the power to be all they can be and they are spreading the word.
Harry: Are they graded in this program?
Nancy: Yes, but not with an A or B. After they learn that life is a choice and they have the choice of making their lives better they get very excited that it’s actually about THEM. If they choose not to continue the program that’s their choice.
Harry: Have the teachers noticed a difference in their students because of this course?
Nancy: Yes, they see more positive students. They see students who love the fact that they have control over their lives. They see the kids having more self respect for themselves.
Harry: How has this personally changed your life?
Nancy: I’ve learned that what ever we have in the outside world is created by our “inside” world. I love the saying that we are in life where we choose to be, because we have a choice to change things. I use to work a ton of hours just to pay the bills. I never had any free time to be the creative person I was inside. I understand that once you know exactly what sets your heart on fire that there is nothing that is going to stand in your way from obtaining it. I understand we all need money to pay the bills. It’s your decision how you are going to get the money. Are you going to just do a job that creates a paycheck and nothing to do with the real you? Or, are you going to pick a career that allows you to teach other people that there is a way to create enough money to have the things in life that they want?
Harry: What career have you chosen to be able to do this?
Nancy: I work with a telecommunication company that allows people to get paid on hundreds and hundreds of cell phone bills that are being paid every month. I also teach the MKMMA course to adults.
Harry: Why is this different than any other so called job?
Nancy: Because the way I have succeed in my business is by getting into the hearts and souls of the people I work with. I don’t try to sell them on a product, a pay plan, or even so much on the company. There are a lot of home based business’s out there that are good. There are a lot of companies that have great products. But if you don’t get into a person’s heart and teach them that they have the power to succeed then they will never succeed, even with the best companies, or products. I teach them the MKMMA program. I believe there is nothing you can’t do when you become a master at this.
Harry: What has the MKMMA program allowed you to do in your life that you were not able to do before?
Nancy: It has allowed me to feel alive. Feel in control. It allowed me the skills to become successful in my business to pull in a six figure income working part time, even while sitting at the beach with nothing but a cell phone. I have no boss. I create my days. Two of my biggest gifts from becoming a master with the MKMMA program is that I have taught my 3 sons that anything they want in life can be theirs because they have the power to create their world. The money has allowed me time freedom. I live in a very large house were all my children can come and bring their families. I have created heaven in my own home. We sit by the fire and talk and share our dreams for the future. My house if filled with laughter and joy. I have the time freedom to take my family on vacations. I have discovered the creative, artistic part of me that never had the time to come out. My children see a mother who had the courage to change what the outside world tried to hand her. My second biggest gift that I have received from this program is the knowledge that I have created a nation wide curriculum in our school system that is teaching children that they don’t need to except what the outside world is handing them. That they can create their outside world to be what ever they want it to be by going inside of themselves and learning the power of retraining the mind.
Harry: Is there anything else you would like to add to this interview?
Nancy: Yes, for anyone who reads this article and feels that they wish they had more control in their lives I would hope that they would take that leap of faith and look up Mark Januszewski at and start creating their own heaven here on earth.

Master Key MMA wk 14 New Calender

Just brought out my new day-timer for 2011. The first page of each month says.” This Month’s Priorities” My priority for  2011 is to make each day count. Every day is a new opportunity to do something positive to help me reach my goals. I will figure out where I want to be at the end of 2011 and work backwards.

I’ll break it down to monthly goals, weekly goals and then daily goals. If I hit the daily goals I’ll hit the weekly goal and the monthly goal.

You can’t build a bridge over-night. First comes the vision. Then comes the planning, right down to the tiniest detail.  You must understand what your resources are. You must be able to see yourself crossing that bridge.  You must believe that anything is possible. But, you must understand that just because you “believe” in something and have a vision for something, that these two things aren’t enough to make your dream a reality.  You must commit to being accountable to yourself and making sure that each day that passes has been a day of working on something that has brought you closer to your goal. Sometimes it’s hard to see the BIG picture.  But if you concentrate on the little things that need to get done then the BIG picture will happen by default.

I promise myself that I will do something each day to bring my vision of my goals into reality. I will take one step at a time building that bridge, and by 2012 I will be running across a bridge that was built on belief, persistence, dedication and respect for my personal pivotal needs, and respect for myself.

Master Key Master Mind Wk 13 Sick of myself !!!!

Three more days and we start a new year! I use to make resolutions and dread them the minute I wrote them down.  I knew my bad habits were so imbedded in my blueprint that things would never change.

Well, okay, I’m sick of myself. This Master Key Master Mind Work-shop has done a job on my mind, body and soul.

“The girl in the mirror”   UGH    Well, lets just say she doesn’t reflect who I am today. What I see is a stranger, or should I say, an old acquaintance.

What I see is a strong, confident, hard worker. ( not that I don’t work hard now)

The girl in the mirror believed anything and everything was possible. The girl in the mirror has a great imagination and incredible vision.

The girl in the mirror wants to help the homeless, the hungry, the veterans. SHE wants to do her part to make a difference in this world.

The girl in the mirror is shaking her head at me every time she looks at me because she KNOWS what we are capable of doing in this world.

The girl in the mirror is the old me, the person I never forgot. The person I refused to give up on, and she is SICK OF WAITING FOR ME TO SHINE.

Okay, I’ll cut myself some slack. I devoted most of my life to raising my 3 sons. Guess what, I raised them, they’re all adults and living their own lives. So it’s my time now. Time to take control. Shove the excuses right out to the curb side and take responsibility for my own life.

It’s time to get back what I once felt. The feeling that nothing was impossible. That I could achieve anything in life and never ever give up on how I want my life to be.

Have you ever seen that show on T.V. called “Made” or maybe it’s ” I want to be made”?  It’s about people who want to be made into something they’ve always dreamt of, even if they believed it wouldn’t be possible.  They submit their request to the show, and if chosen, get a personal coach for 2 weeks.

In the beginning they’re all excited – whoppie- this is going to be fun!

3 days later most of them are sitting in a puddle of tears crying. Why?

They’re being challenged, they’re being pushed and not allowed to give up or give in.  They have a coach that sees in them what they aren’t able to see in themselves.  They succeed because the coach taught them to believe in themselves.

So, do I want to be made? Yes, I want to stand with the elite who have become a success because they never gave into excuses. Success means something different to everyone. My idea of success? Well, it’s having that girl in the mirror break out of her life of mediocrity and take life by the you know what and live free. Free to do what I choose to do when I choose to do it.

Do I already have a coach? Yes, the best in the world. If you don’t believe me than I double dog dare you to take his course and see what he brings out in you!  It will blow your mind and you will never believe how powerful it is until you experience it yourself.

My coach – Mark and Davene Januszewski. Worlds Laziest Networker. Nothing lazy about either of them.

Definition of a coach: To train, to teach, to instruct, to guide, to counsel. Mark and Davene do that and so much more. They get into your heart. They make you look yourself square in the eye and question why you don’t do what you know you are capable of doing.

It can be scary having to confront yourself. It’s even scarier realizing that most of what you’re saying is a bunch of hog wash dumb excuses.

One day while talking to Davene on the phone she asked me to hold on, well not only did I hold on, I held my breath. When she got back on the phone I said, “O, Thank God” she said why did you say that Nancy. I told her I thought she was going to put the BIG GUY ON THE PHONE and I was about to crawl under my desk.  Am I in fear of Mark? NO, I’m in fear of the reality check and realizing that not living your dream is because your full of a bunch of dumb a#$ excuses and sometimes talking to the big guy makes me more sick of myself. BUT, when your faced with the truth of who you are and why you are not living up to your potential isn’t it common nature to want to hide?  If your on the right path with the Master Key’s then you’ve become aware of the great peptides that are screaming at you constantly to BECOME ALL THAT YOU CAN BECOME.

Mark will never, ever give up on you. He sees in us what we find hard to see in ourselves sometimes. But he doesn’t do it with a pat on the back. He does it with teaching us skills. Skills that most of us have never been taught.

So, 1/1/2011 is my birthday. What I am going to give myself for my birthday is a new trash can so I can throw all my excuses in it. I am going to stop whining, stop making excuses, kick myself in the butt, and challenge that girl in the mirror that WE can be all we were designed to be.

I will join the winners, I’m already a winner. I already have what it takes to be made into the person I know I can be.

I have the best people on my side.

I have the best team, my family and the Januszewski’s and God.

May 2011 be all you wish it can be. Filled with health, happiness, and prosperity.

If you want to challenge yourself to be the best you can be then stay tuned. The Master Key Master Mind Alliance will be running another workshop.


Nancy DelRossi

Master Key wk 12 Christmas Everyday

Because of the Master Key Master Mind Alliance you learn to look at things in a different way. Like, why can’t every day be Christmas. I see people running around buying people gifts with money they should be using on bills. People singing songs and filled with Christmas cheer. Families getting together to share a meal and remembering those they loved and those they lost. Why do we need to jam this into one day? Why shouldn’t we treat everyday like Christmas? We should be able to greet everyday with love in our hearts and be thankful for what we have.  We should be positive not just one day a year but everyday. Christmas isn’t about how much money you have to buy gifts for people. It’s about the birth of Christ right!!!! So shouldn’t we all treat Christmas and every day with Christ in our hearts? Why do so many people get depressed around the Holidays? Mostly it’s because of lack of, lack of money, lack of time. I wish people would understand that there is more than enough money in this country to go around. If someone has lack of money it might be because of what they bring into their lives. Like living with a “lack of” attitude. What you think of most will surely appear. A wise man  (Mark) once told me you are in life exactly where you choose to be because you already have the power inside of you to change things around.  The first thing on most people’s list of things that are important are health, then Love, then wealth. Well, it’s just my opinion, but, when you have a lack of wealth it tears apart you mental well-being and your health because of all the stress. If you have more wealth your able to help others which opens up your heart to love and the more you give the more you get.  So if your one of those people who think that money makes things better I think your right. If you have a lack of it then you need to realize that you are free and  you have the power already to stop living in a state of “lack of” and get on the track of living in abundance. Is it possible? Yes, even in this economy. Open your mind. Open your heart. Except the beauty that is all around you. Don’t look up for answers, he has already given you all you need to achieve, look within. Struggling with the concept of living with abundance? Then you need to learn what the Master Mind Master Key Alliance can do for you. Want things to stay the same? Then don’t check it out.

Stay tune for our pre-launch of our Master Mind Alliance Trainings coming soon. It will change the way you look at yourself and look at the world.

Peace, Nancy

Master Key Week 11 It’s 3 am in the morning

It’s 3 am in the morning and I can’t sleep because the MKMMA workshop has me thinking about me.  I’m thinking about how precious life is and how fast time passes by.  I also keep thinking about the people I know who go through life wishing for things and hoping things will get better. Wishing and hoping doesn’t  get you anywhere. It’s nice to daydream, but that’s all it is until you take action.

Because of my studies with this course I believe that most of what you wish for can be yours if you have the skills to tap into your own resources. Biggest problem with most people is that they were never taught that the mind is their most valuable resource.  We all have the power to achieve our goals, but what most people are missing is the key to unlock this power.

There are a lot of guru’s out there trying to sell you a bunch of junk making you believe that if you chant your daily affirmations and throw your dreams out to the law of attraction that some how it will magically appear.  Ya right?

Be positive, look at your dream board, wish, pray, tell yourself your deserving, see where it all gets you. Tried it for years. It got me no where. What is getting me somewhere is learning how powerful reprogramming the mind is.  Sure the dream board is good, and wishing and praying. But, without some plan of action and daily activities your dream board is going to gather a bunch of dust.

Can you imagine a workshop that is so powerful it keeps you up at night?

It keeps you up because for once in your life you’ve seen the proof from your mentors that dreams can become reality. If your dreams are beautiful then you can’t wait to have them become reality. Not only will it change your life, but the life of others who also have dreams.

I never could understand why people would work 50 – 60 hours a week at a job just for a paycheck and watch the years go by without searching for a way to create their dreams. Life is short. I also thought that the saddest thing in life is when a person dies with their dreams. It doesn’t have to be that way.

Christmas use to be the most exciting thing for me. Spent most my time shopping, decorating and planning. This year, not so much. What is exciting is knowing that every day can be Christmas in my life because what I am WORKING on is making my dreams a reality.

How was 2010 for most of you? Where you able to do the things that set your heart on fire? Where you true to yourself and your beliefs?  Where you able to spend most of your time with the people you love, or were you tied up at work?  How about 5 years ago, were things pretty much the same as this past year?

What are your plans for the next few years? Are you still going to wish and pray things get better? Or, do you want to make things better?

If so, stay tuned because we will be launching a new Master Mind Alliance Course soon.  It can change your life, and as I said before, there are more important things in life than working 50 – 60 hours a week at a job and watching your life go by and your dreams go up in smoke.

Peace, Nancy DelRossi